Personal Injury

Experienced, bilingual U.S. Attorney Fights for his Client’s rights.

If you have suffered an injury and are looking for a lawyer whom you can trust, you have come to the right place.  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Attorney Mark J. Bluer has been representing Chinese immigrants in the Bay Area for more than 20 years.  Whether it’s bringing a personal injury claim against one of California’s top automobile insurance carriers or filing a lawsuit against an individual or company, Mr. Bluer can help.

For Mr. Bluer, handling personal injury cases is not just about achieving the best possible results for his clients.  It is about first rate service.  Many of Mr. Bluer’s Chinese speaking clients have suffered life-changing injuries.  They need a competent, compassionate attorney to assist them in obtaining the best possible medical care, in making sure their medical bills get paid, and in collecting the evidence necessary to maximize their recovery.   Over the past 25 years, Mr. Bluer has litigated hundreds of personal injury cases involving injuries to nearly all parts of the body.

Mr. Bluer and his firm, Bluer & Bluer, LLP, handles the following types of accidents and injuries:

Over the 25 years Attorney Mark J. Bluer has been handling personal injury cases, Mr. Bluer has come to realize that achieving a just and fair recovery for his clients requires zealous representation and a willingness to prosecute his injured clients’ claims in court.  At the beginning of each case, Mr. Bluer personally meets with his clients and thoroughly explains the process of bringing a personal injury claim.  Mr. Bluer strives to address all of his client’s concerns and frustrations, which usually relate to delays by the automobile insurance company, unpaid medical bills as well as the need his injured clients to get the medical treatment they need.  Mr. Bluer does not rely on Chinese speaking assistants to communicate with his clients.  Such a practice can lead to misunderstandings and confusion.

In prosecuting a personal injury claim, Mr. Bluer will often retain investigators, medical experts and accident reconstruction experts to strengthen his clients’ claims.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a car, Attorney Mark J. Bluer can help. Attorney Bluer meets clients in convenient locations throughout the Bay Area.  Contact Attorney Bluer directly at 1-800-803-2218 to arrange for a free consultation.


  • Slip, trip and fall cases
  • Dangerous sidewalks, ramps & curbs
  • Unsafe floors and stairs
  • Dangerous equipment
  • Falling objects
  • Dog bites

A property owner or his or her insurance company may attempt to avoid compensating an injured person by denying liability.  Depending on the case, insurance companies often claim the injured person’s own negligence was the cause of his or her injuries.   For this reason, Bluer & Bluer has its investigators promptly investigate the scene of the accident, interview witnesses, and photograph (or videotape, if necessary) the scene of the accident.  Preserving evidence is often a key element in obtaining a just and satisfactory recovery for the injured person.

If you were involved in an accident and suffered an injury, contact Mark J. Bluer directly at 1-800-803-2218 for a free consultation

Individuals involved in major accidents often suffer serious injuries to different parts of their body.  Severe pain to certain body parts can sometimes “mask” a potentially serious head injury whose symptoms can initially be less pronounced.  In the 25 years he has been litigating personal injury cases, Attorney Mark Bluer has handled numerous cases involving concussions and brain injuries.   Mr. Bluer is acutely sensitive to the symptoms that give rise to brain injuries and makes sure that his clients receive the appropriate medical evaluations so that potentially life-altering injuries are not overlooked and receive properly medical attention.

If you or your loved one has suffered a head injury, contact Attorney Mark J. Bluer directly at 1-800-803-2218 to arrange for a free consultation.

Catastrophic injuries include death, spinal injuries involving paralysis, loss of a limb (or loss of use of a limb), brain injuries, burn injuries, loss of sight and loss of hearing.   In his 25 years practicing law in California, Attorney Mark Bluer has handled numerous cases involving such life-changing injuries.   He understands how a life-altering injury can impact the injured person.  Will the client require additional hospitalizations and other future medical care like rehabilitation?  If so, how much will the future medical care cost?  Also, will the client need to hire an assistant in the future to care for him or her?  If so, for how long? And what will these future costs be?  How much income over the course of the injured person’s lifetime will he or she lose?  Mr. Bluer examines all of these issues to assess the value of his injured client’s case.

For cases involving catastrophic injuries, Bluer & Bluer employs some of the Bay Area’s top medical and accident reconstruction experts to bolster the strength of his clients’ cases.  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Mr. Bluer personally handles all of his personal injury cases.  He does not rely on assistants to handle his legal preparatory work or to communicate with his Chinese speaking clients.

The spouse of someone, who has suffered a catastrophic injury may also have a separate claim for loss of consortium.  In a typical action for loss of consortium, the non-injured spouse will bring a claim of damages resulting from the non-injured spouse’s inability to enjoy the same degree of love and companionship that he or she did before the spouse’s injury. A claim for loss of consortium usually compensates the non-injured spouse for losses in the following areas:

  • Loss of services (e.g., caring for children);
  • Companionship;
  • Sexual relations;
  • Love; and
  • Loss of physical assistance in the operation and maintenance of the home.

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury, contact Mark J. Bluer directly at 1-800-803-2218 to arrange for a free consultation.

Whether an employee was injured in a warehouse, on a construction site, or at his or her desk, an injured employee is entitled to receive certain benefits (even if the employer does not carry worker’s compensation insurance). Unfortunately, worker’s compensation only provides limited compensation for an injured employee.  Worker’s compensation does not compensate injured employees at all for their pain and suffering, and only partially compensates injured employees for their lost wages.    Yet, in some cases, an employee may be entitled to additional compensation California’s tort laws.  These circumstances include:

  • Where an employer does not have worker’s compensation insurance available to cover an employee’s injury;
  • Where a third-party’s negligence or a defective product caused or contributed to an employee’s injury;
  • Where an employee was injured at work due to the intentional acts of his employer;
  • Where an employee was injured while performing a hazardous activity at work; and
  • Where an employee was injured at his place of work, but was not at the workplace for a work-related purpose at the time he was injured.

If any of the above circumstances applies to you, California’s tort laws may afford you rights to additional compensation (in addition to a claim under California’s worker’s compensation laws).   Contact Attorney Mark J. Bluer directly at 1-800-803-2218 for a free consultation.

Please note that Attorney Bluer does not handle worker’s compensation cases.

Even in cases involving minor injuries, automobile insurance companies can be indifferent and slow to respond to an injured person’s request for compensation. Getting an insurance company to fairly compensate an injured party often requires the filing of a civil action.  Having a zealous, experienced attorney on your side greatly improves your chances of getting the recovery you deserve.

Attorney Mark Bluer understands how insurance companies think.  As a young lawyer, Mr. Bluer spent over three years litigating personal injury cases for three of California’s largest automobile insurance carriers.   For the past 15 years, Mr. Bluer has been aggressively representing injured persons throughout the Bay Area.


If you have suffered an injury in an accident, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible.  Evidence gathering and evidence preservation should be done as soon as possible.  Attorney Mark Bluer will, if necessary, have an experienced investigator interview witnesses, investigate the scene of the accident, and take all necessary photographs (of the scene of the accident as well of the injured persons).

Attorney Bluer meets clients in convenient locations through the Bay Area.  Contact Attorney Bluer directly at 1-800-803-2218 to arrange for a free consultation.