Client Testimonials for Mark J. Bluer

Bluer & Bluer, LLP’s reputation is built on trust and client relationships. The firm prides itself on offering personalized attention, guidance and advice. Please read a sample of what clients have said about their experience with Mark J. Bluer:

Thank you for the help!

“Mark is an excellent attorney. I work in the restaurant industry and realized my managers were illegally taking tips from all the servers as well as other violations. Mark explained to me my options and how things may or may not go. After listening to my options I decided to hire Mark to represent me in the case. Our case went smoothly and much quicker than I anticipated. Even after the case, he would make sure I was taken care of and if everything is working out on my end. I would definitely recommend him.”

“Mark is a great attorney. He helped me go through the most difficult time and sorted out my problem. He is very patient and responsive. He understands my concerns and cares about me as a person rather than only a client. He clearly explained all laws related to my case, discussed all possible solutions and respected my perspective. Trust me, no one wants to involve in any legal issues. But if you unluckily happen to be in that situation. Mark will be the person you want to find to help you get out of troubles.”
Anonymous Avvo Review
“Mark is fantastic! If you have any legal matters (especially related to employment), I would definitely recommend that you give Mark a call. You can count on Mark to place your best interests at heart. Mark’s communication is also A++. Every step of the way, Mark 1) lets me know what is going on; 2) provides advice; and 3) asks me for feedback before moving forward. This makes it so that I am looped into the case and makes sure that I am comfortable with the development of the case. He was also very patient when answering all the questions or concerns that I had. Mark truly goes above and beyond.

I first approached Mark because I felt that I was wrongfully terminated. Good thing I made that call! Upon speaking with Mark, he brought to my attention that through the years my employer committed numerous other violations. He turned what I thought was a small case into one that was more complex, resulting in me receiving much more monetary damages. We were also able to reach an early settlement thanks to Mark’s experience and reputation: turns out, the lawyers for my employers were ones that Mark had faced previously in another case. This in turn tremendously helped my case because Mark knew when to call their bluff, and they also knew Mark was a force to be reckoned with. All thanks to Mark, I was able to reach an early and desirable settlement in the case.”

Anoymous Review in lawyer directory
“I am so grateful to lawyer Mark for helping me, in the simplest and quickest possible way, recover the remodeling fee [a contractor] cheated out of me. Mark helped save me (considerable) attorney fees.

I was cheated in a remodeling job for my house. Not only was I unable to get my money back, but I was threatened [by the contractor]. At that time, I did not know what do to. I had consulted a friend, and a lawyer, as well as online information. It seemed that everyone said it would be difficult to recover my money. But I did not give up. I could not let such people get away it. When I was most helpless, I came across Mark Bluer in the’s lawyer’s directory. Mark is an American lawyer who is fluent in Chinese. He is a very good person, patient, and very responsible.

Thanks again, Mark, for your help”

K. Lee
“I am a restaurant owner. One of my worker’s was injured accidentally and brought a worker’s compensation claim. However, in order to obtain a large amount of compensation, the worker, at the instigation of an unscrupulous lawyer, gave up receiving normal worker’s compensation [benefits]. He then turned his claim into an expensive, drawn-out legal proceedings, which remained unresolved (even after I attempted to mediate a settlement through a mutual friend). I then had to hire a lawyer to represent me and my company to defend the litigation. After several years of legal proceedings, the employee lost. But he continued to appeal. The employee was ultimately unsuccessful. Mark not only won the lawsuit for us (e.g., the other did not get a penny), but he also received an award of compensation for our side because of the lawyer’s malicious appeal.

Mr. Mark is an American lawyer fluent in Chinese. He understands both Chinese and American culture. He is an outstanding person, who is both patient and responsible. My heartfelt thanks to Mark for his help.”

H. Yang
“I have known lawyer Mark for more than 10 years when he first helped me settle my lawsuit. He was a very experienced lawyer and he spent his time coming from SF to LA back and forth just to help working on my case. I really appreciate his expertise and hard work that I got my case settled nicely! Mark is also very patient with his clients. By the way, Mark can speak and write Chinese fluently, and that surprised me a lot! Thank you, Mark, for everything you had provided to me and wish you the best.”
Naomi G.